Name: Unknown Suspect
Crime: Grand Theft
Date: 11-23-2006
Time: 23:20:00
City: Deland/ Volusia County
Status: Active

On 10-23-06 an unknown suspect(s) entered the parking lot of 1401 Flightline Blvd., Deland, FL.
The unknown suspect was driving a Dodge Dakota with one headlight. The suspect(s) entered the parking lot three times on two occasions, the suspect then left and then came back to the trailer. On the third occasion the suspect finally loaded/hooked the suspect(s) hitch to the trailer and left with the trailer in tow. The trailer contained large amounts of equipment, tools etc.

Anyone with any information in regards to the suspect or trailer, please contact Crime Stoppers or contact Det. B. Kearney at the Deland Police Department at

Details courtesy of the Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida -