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NAME - Unknown Suspect/s
Crime: Vandalism
City: DeLand
Date: 03-23-2008
Time: 02:00:00
Status: Active
During the early morning hours of March 23rd, 2008 unknown person(s) unlawfully entered 434 N. Woodland Boulevard, Flagler Hall at Stetson University. Once inside unknown person(s) vandalized numerous offices and class rooms, causing extensive damage.

During the investigation a significant amount of blood was located on the third floor in a hallway. Itís believed that this person injured themselves while breaking a large plate glass window adjacent to where the blood was located. Based on the amount of blood, the laceration should be severe enough as to where medical attention would be required. Local hospitals were checked with negative results.

At this point of the investigation there are no suspects. Several items were collected as evidence for latent processing. Blood samples were collected and will be sent for DNA profiling.

Anyone with information or similar cases is asked to contact Detective Chris Jaques at (386) 740-5850 or or if you wish to remain anonymous call Crme Stoppers at 1-888-277-TIPS (8477). We don't want your name only your information and you could be elegible for a reward up to $1000.

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