Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida, Inc. is a unique community program, operated and administrated by citizens through a Board of Directors. It is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer civilian organization, supported solely on contributions from private citizens, social and civic groups, and local businesses.

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Nancy Epps - President

<span style="color:black;">Nancy Epps<br />President</span> I thank my predecessors for growing a healthy Crime Stoppers organization that will be easy to serve for the next eighteen months due to their efforts to build such a strong Board. I pledge to my fellow Board members to do my best to confirm the trust they have placed in me by bestowing upon me the honor of Crime Stoppers of Northeast Floridas Board President for 2013-14.

As most of you know, Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida is comprised of a volunteer Board of Directors that includes both citizen volunteers and Law Enforcement Liaisons who represent Volusia, Flagler, Putnam and St. John counties. Board members share a mutual desire to become involved in the efforts of stopping and preventing crime. Our goal is to fight criminal activity by utilizing an anonymous tips system to assist in locating and apprehending those who are responsible for criminal activity.

Our Board members and Executive Director are dedicated and committed and it is they who make this organization so successful in "taking a bite out of crime". I believe the following statistics demonstrate the effectiveness of our organization. In the past year, the efforts of our organization have brought 2,725 anonymous tips that have resulted in:
  • 254 Arrests
  • Recovery of over $1,000,000 in property value
  • Removal of over $310,000 worth of drugs from the community
All of this for payment of only a little over $15,000 in rewards - paid anonymously.

The key to accomplishing these gains in crime prevention is obtaining vital information in a completely anonymous manner. I intend to follow in the footsteps of my predecessors to promote citizen awareness in the year to come by facilitating innovative ideas to help the board grow our organization and increase the number of valid tips and arrests in the four-county area we represent. Examples of new ideas that we have recently implemented include:
  • the ability to text tips anonymously
  • "tear-off" tip numbers that are distributed to area churches and schools for posting in restrooms to allow interested parties to remove a tip-line number in private.
Jorge Carvajal - Past-President

<span style="color:black;">Jorge Carvajal<br />Past-President</span> It has been a true honor to serve this past year as the President of Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida. I have been fortunate to chair a Board with so many outstanding and dedicated community leaders that get involved to make our communities safer places to live, work and play.

Despite the current economic situation, this past year has been a resounding success. We ran our second "Run from Crime" event and during Police Memorial Week we held our 14th Annual Community Banquet Honoring Law Enforcement. Together, these two events along with the support from our community to we were able to "take a large bite out of crime." This success was due greatly to the diligent action of our Board of Directors, our Executive Director Alyson Durrance and especially through the generous support of our local residents and businesses.

During 2012, we were able to recruit several new board members, whose various experiences and expertise will help secure a bright and successful future for Crime Stoppers. Also during this year we began laying the ground work for a new program that is not only trendsetting but exciting. Student Crime Stoppers for college campuses is an idea that was born out of necessity and should prove to fill a much needed void in protecting our future.
Cheryl Lawson Young - V.P. Programs

<span style="color:black;">Cheryl Lawson Young<br />V.P. Programs</span> The main activity of our programs is to provide education on the anonymous tip-line and Text Tipping to further our mission of "HELPING OUR COMMUNITY SOLVE CRIME THROUGH CITIZEN PARTICIPATION". I am pleased to report that in 2011 we took part many activities and programs that increased Crime Stoppers' visibility in the community. Some of these activities include:
  • National Night out against Crime where we had a presence in ten cities throughout Volusia, Flagler, Putnam and St Johns Counties.
  • Daytona Beach Mayor's Back Pack Rally where we distributed Crime Stoppers School Supplies to hundreds of Volusia County Students
  • The St Johns County "Tools for Schools" Event where Crime Stoppers Rulers and Pencils were given to students.
  • The Daytona Beach Home Show where we gave away hundreds of Child Identification Kits to Volusia/Flagler residents.
  • Once again, our Student Crime Stoppers Poster Contest is our most far-reaching educational program in the four counties. This program is coordinator by the Victim Advocates of the State Attorney's Office. Students are encouraged to submit original student artwork depicting the message "Break the Silence, Stop the Violence". The winning artists receive awards at county school board meetings. In addition, grand prize winning posters are displayed in all our classrooms with Crime Stopper's tip line and text tipping information. This poster project encourages our children to assist in making our schools safe.
In addition to these programs, we continue to promote Crime Stoppers through the use of Billboards in Volusia, Flagler, Putnam and St Johns Counties, plus use of electronic billboards for high profile cases; 10 Bus Stop Seats throughout Volusia County; 7,000 posters in 164 schools; Interactive Website, Facebook page, promotional items including pens, magnets, key chains, rulers, and child ID Kits.
Don Wolfe - V.P. Communications

<span style="color:black;">Don Wolfe<br />V.P. Communications</span> Communication is the articulation of sending a message through different media. For Crime Stoppers the content of our message is consistent: to help our community solve and prevent crime through citizen participation. Our methods of communications include monthly Board Meetings; media contact with newspapers, television, and radio; bumper stickers on patrol cars; billboards; brochures; winning student posters displayed in the classrooms in all four counties and on all Votran buses; bi-annual newsletters; fundraisers; trust fund reports; speaking engagements; safety fairs; and our annual report.

The main method of communication for tipsters has been the use of our anonymous Tip Line, 1-888-277-TIPS. We also use technology that enables Crime Stoppers to receive text tips and web tips anonymously so tipsters can convey important information to us in a variety of confidential ways.

Special thanks goes to Lamar Advertising, Bright House Networks, Clear Channel Radio, and Hometown News for running public service spots for us. We also thank all the local media outlets for their continued support of Crime Stoppers and featuring the Tip Line in all unsolved cases they report about.
Edward Fuller - VP of Resource Development

<span style="color:black;">Edward Fuller<br />VP of Resource Development</span> Our planning, grant-writing, organizational development and integration into the community continues to contribute to our financial success. We are tremendously grateful for the financial support from the Office of the Attorney General Crime Stoppers Trust Fund, and grateful that we are able to supplement those funds with corporate and individual sponsorships at our fundraising events.

Resource Development is a broad term defined by our efforts to become a financially independent organization. Our Resource Development spans leadership in four counties.
D. Barton Leek - Treasurer

<span style="color:black;">D. Barton Leek<br />Treasurer</span> As Treasurer of the Board, I am responsible for the protection and custody of Crime Stoppers funds. I am pleased to report that in 2011 our organization met the challenge of balancing operational expenses and rewards with reduced Trust Fund dollars. This was achieved by our fundraising efforts, which in 2011 have increased to include a 10k Run from Crime as well as our Annual Banquet.

As you will see in the 2011 Financial Report (see our Annual Report), our organization demonstrates continual fiscal stability and growth even during the downtown of the economy. We are thankful for the financial support we receive from our local law enforcement agencies, local municipalities, individuals and businesses as they assure our continual success.
Joan Briggs - Secretary - VP of Government Relations

<span style="color:black;">Joan Briggs<br />Secretary - VP of Government Relations</span> As Secretary of the Board, my responsibilities include assisting the Executive Director in maintaining and retaining records and minutes of meetings, and presenting the Nominating Committees slate of officers and new board members for vote/election at the Annual Meeting.