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Name: Unknown

Name: Unknown

Crime: Armed Burglary

On 05/04/17 at approximately 2206 hours, an Armed Burglary occurred at 1432 Hollyhock Street, Deltona. Two Hispanic males entered the residence while the Victim's girlfriend slept. The Victim's four year old son was in the living room when the suspects entered the house and motioned to the child to be quiet. The suspects remained in the residence for one minute, during which time they removed among other things, an AR-15 rifle, which was in an unlocked safe in the spare bedroom. The Victim left the residence to walk his dog and did not lock the door behind him. It appears the suspects were watching the house and ran in as soon as the Victim left. One of the suspects was carrying a handgun which can be seen in his right hand. Several jewelry pieces and a handgun was also in the safe but were not removed. The incident was not reported by the Victim until 2241 hours, approximately 35 minutes later.

Both suspects appear to be Hispanic males. The male suspect with the handgun in his hand appears to be approximately 6' tall and skinny. The second suspect who carried the rifle out of the residence appears to be approximately 5'6 and skinny. Both suspects were wearing black hoodies and had their faces concealed with bandanas. If you have information about this case please contact Detective Elmazi at 386-804-6222.