Name: Unknown

Crime: Occupied Armed Burglary

Case: 17-15993
On 6/16/17 at approximately 0940 hours, a black male dressed in all dark clothing, to include a hooded sweatshirt over his head and a dark mask covering his face entered the residence through the font door. The suspect confronted an elderly female who was sitting in the kitchen talking on the phone. He pointed a black firearm at her and ordered her off the phone. He refused so he forcefully took the phone from her hand and threw it on the ground. She screamed causing her 10 year old grandson to come to her aid thinking his grandmother fell. The Grandson arrived to help his grandmother and witnessed the suspect pointing a firearm at his grandmother. He screamed causing the suspect to turn and see him. The 10 year old ran to the back TV room to advise his mother of what he observed and hid behind a chair. The suspect followed the 10 year old and confronted the mother with the firearm. He demanded to know where the girl and her room was. He looked through a bedroom then fled the scene.